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Qala is a program designed to train the next generation of African Bitcoin and Lightning developers.
The program is full-time and includes stipends for participants.

Become a Bitcoin/LN Dev

Dive deep into security concerns, adversarial thinking, and approaches to Bitcoin and Lightning software design.

Project Based Learning

Unstructured time for participants to contribute to open-source projects or work on a personal project of their choosing.

Virtual & Onsite

The program is a mix of virtual and onsite sessions with demo days for project presentations.


Bamidele Oluwatobi Profile

Bamidele Oluwatobi

Collin Rukundo Profile

Collin Rukundo

Enigbe Ochekliye Profile

Enigbe Ochekliye

Theophilus Isah Profile

Theophilus Isah

Olutobi Adeyemi Profile

Olutobi Adeyemi

Peter Tyonum Profile

Peter Tyonum

Raphael Osaze Eyerin Profile

Raphael Osaze Eyerin

Vladimir Fomene Profile

Vladimir Fomene

Munirat Olayiwola Profile

Munirat Olayiwola

Oladimeji Omotosho Profile

Oladimeji Omotosho

Jennifer Ezeobi Profile

Jennifer Ezeobi

Omoniyi Ilesanmi Profile

Omoniyi Ilesanmi


Bernard profile

Bernard Parah

Bernard is the CEO of Bitnob and is a self-proclaimed freedom maximalist.
Carla profile

Carla Kirk-Cohen

Carla is a board member of ₿trust and Brink and previously built infrastructure at Lightning Labs.
Tim profile

Tim Akinbo

Tim is a long-time Bitcoiner and open-source enthusist.
Abubakar profile

Abubakar Nur Khalil

Abubakar is the CEO of Recursive Capital, a board member of ₿trust, and a Bitcoin Core contributor.
Carlie profile

Caralie Chrisco

Caralie is the Principal at Superluner and the Content Lead at Hello, Bitcoin.
Jonas profile

Adam Jonas

Jonas spearheads educational initiatives at Chaincode.


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Discussion Questions for Mastering Bitcoin

Mastering Bitcoin is a book for developers, although the first two chapters cover bitcoin at a level that is also approachable to non-programmers. Anyone with a basic understanding of technology can read the first two chapters to get a great understanding of bitcoin.

Discussion Questions for Mastering the Lightning Network

Mastering the Lightning Network is a book for developers, although the first five chapters are designed to explain to everyone with a basic understanding of technology how the Lightning Network works. The book also contains an appendix with a crash course on the relevant Bitcoin fundamentals.

Self Paced Seminar

Our seminar materials are available for anyone to use with readings and discussion questions on various Bitcoin and Lightning topics.

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